Trademark Fees

Bernstein IP offers trademark search and application work on a flat-fee basis. Our Trademark Clearance Search and Registration Services are highly competitive.

Prepare and File Your Trademark Application*

  • Draft and File your trademark application papers
  • Report on the status of your trademark application
  • Respond up to two times to minor communications from the Trademark Office known as Office Actions

Fee: $550 per class

Trademark Clearance Search

  • A thorough trademark search report conducted by a top trademark search company of the federal, state, common law, domain names, and Internet databases
  • A full attorney opinion letter advising on the likelihood of whether the proposed mark can be registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Fee: $2,500

* Intent to Use applications come with some additional fees and costs.

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Trademark Monitoring & Enforcement Program

We monitor multiple databases to protect you from unwitting and/or unscrupulous offenders from using your brand and confusing the marketplace (such as through the use of a similar sounding web address) or from selling shoddy products under a similar mark eroding the goodwill of your business. One of the most efficient ways to keep tabs on unwitting or unscrupulous offenders is to monitor proposed registered marks and Intent To Use applications, domain name registrations, and reports of state records to determine whether similar names are being used. Once detected, Bernstein IP sends out cease and desist letters and initiates litigation against unscrupulous trademark infringers.

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