Leslie Marshall Interviews Karen Bernstein

Leslie Marshall Interviews Karen J. Bernstein

Karen J. Bernstein appeared on the Leslie Marshall Show to discuss the Right to be Forgotten Ruling against Google in Europe. Original Air Date: May 16, 2014 Listen Here:

Occupy.com Launches in Time for May Day Protests

occupy.com sale

In October of 2011, Occupy.com was put up for sale by its owner, and it was brokered by New York based domain name and IP attorney Karen J. Bernstein. I put up a poll at the time asking the value of the domain name, and about 30% of those who responded thought it was worth less […]

Domainer Awarded $30k

Domainer Awarded $30k after being Named in Bogus Counterfeiting Lawsuit

Domainer Awarded $30k after being Named in Bogus Counterfeiting Lawsuit: Judge says sanctions warranted against plantiffs and lawyer. Remember domain investor VL Raymer, who found herself wrongly named in an alleged counterfeiting ring of Primp™ products last year? Well, justice has been served. Apparently the case didn’t just stink against Raymer, who owns Primp.com. The […]

Video: New Internet Domain Names Causing Disputes

Karen J Bernstein On Nightly Business Report

Top Domain Application Costs Video The organization that governs internet will start accepting applications on Thursday for a batch of new domain names like “.shop” or “.music.” The change means new opportunities and challenges for businesses. Air Date: 01/11/2012 Length: 02:37 Stocks Mentioned Coca-Cola (KO) Transcript GHARIB: Just when we`ve gotten used to typing names […]

2012 Domain Industry Predictions

Karen J. Bernstein, Bernstein IP – 2012 predictions

“…..Karen J. Bernstein, Bernstein IP – I predict that in 2012 there will be substantial problems with the majority of Generic, Geographic and IDN gTLD applicants being approved by virtue of the complexities of the applicant proving it has the financial capacity in answering the ICANN gTLD Guidebook Questions 45-50. It is by far the […]

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